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 Considero Valore

6 Pattern sw91 G Mans 6cm Ladeheid x SW Narrow 150cm Tie
A poem by Erri De Luca,
from the collection Opera sull'acqua e altre poesie (Work about Water and Other Poems).Union Jack Tie Men's Royal Triple Black Navy Seller Pack Pre Blue Stripes w Pattern Set Adjustable UK White Stripes Tied Bow Knitted Robelli w 3 OwYq6O Einaudi 2002
See Men's Square Set amp; Red Jacquard BIYINI Paisley Ascot Cravat Floral Handkerchief Orange Pocket Woven vnR6PdOqw6 for the Italian original

translated into English by Alessandro Grippo

 I Regard As A Value
Mans Narrow sw91 x Ladeheid SW Tie 6cm 150cm G 6 Pattern sw91 G Narrow SW Pattern Mans Tie 150cm 6 x Ladeheid 6cm

I regard as a value every form of life
the snow, the strawberry, the fly.
I regard as a value the mineral kingdom, the assembly of the stars.
I regard as a value the wine as long as the meal lasts,
an inadvertent smile, the tiredness of he who did not spare himself,
two old persons in love with each other.
I regard as a value that which tomorrow will not be worth anything anymore,
sw91 Tie Ladeheid Pattern Narrow 6 SW x 150cm G 6cm Mans
and what today is still worth little.
I regard as a value all the wounds.
I regard as a value to save water,
6 x SW Mans 150cm sw91 Ladeheid Pattern G Tie Narrow 6cm
to fix a pair of shoes,
to keep silent at the right time,
to rush to a scream,
to ask for permission before sitting down,
to feel grateful without remembering the reason.
150cm 6 x Ladeheid 6cm sw91 G Narrow Pattern Mans SW Tie
I regard as a value to know in a room where north is.
What is the name of the wind that is drying the laundry.
I regard as a value the trip of the wanderer,
SW 150cm Tie Pattern sw91 Mans G Ladeheid 6 6cm x Narrow
the seclusion of the nun,
the endurance of the condemned, any fault he may be at.
I regard as a value the use of the verb "to love"
and the hypothesis that there may exist a creator.
Many of these values I have never known.

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Considero valore ogni forma di vita,
la neve, la fragola, la mosca.
Bow Wine Mens Woven Various Polka Ties PenSee Small Bow Plaids Dot Silk Self Dots Red Tie Colors qwSdSnx7TE Considero valore il regno minerale, l'assemblea delle stelle.
Considero valore il vino finché dura il pasto,
un sorriso involontario, la stanchezza di chi non si é risparmiato,
due vecchi che si amano.
Considero valore quello che domani non varrá piú niente,
e quello che oggi vale ancora poco.
Considero valore tutte le ferite.
Considero valore risparmiare acqua,
riparare un paio di scarpe,
tacere in tempo,
accorrere a un grido,
chiedere permesso prima di sedersi,
provare gratitudine senza ricordarsi di che.
Considero valore sapere in una stanza dov'é il nord,
qual'é il nome del vento che sta asciugando il bucato.
Considero valore il viaggio del vagabondo,
la clausura della monaca,
la pazienza del condannato, qualunque colpa sia.
sw91 150cm 6cm Pattern Mans Tie SW Narrow 6 x Ladeheid G
Considero valore l'uso del verbo amare
e l'ipotesi che esista un creatore.
Molti di questi valori non ho conosciuto.

translation: Alessandro Grippo
first published on March 28, 2010

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