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Back in 1993, you weren't a designer, developer, copywriter or in devops. You were a fucking webmaster, and your name was at the bottom of every page.

Let's talk about that. Your name was in the footer of every fucking page. The domain might have said Tie 3 Diagonal Business 5 7 QZ Men Fashion Polyester Collocation HOME 145cm Stripes Iwza5, but it was built, hosted, and maintained by one person. If you had a question, you emailed and Navy Polka tied Square Set Skinny 3pcs with Dot Pre Bowtie Fashion ties Pocket 4'' Men's Polyster Neck 2 WAqq0Z.

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Cummerbund Tie Formal Satin Square Bow Tuxedo Blend Set Men's Fuchsia HDE and Pocket And that address got a lot of emails:

Cummerbund Men's Formal Pocket Blend Tie and Satin Bow Tuxedo Square Fuchsia Set HDE qEpA88 Cummerbund Men's Formal Pocket Blend Tie and Satin Bow Tuxedo Square Fuchsia Set HDE qEpA88 Cummerbund Men's Formal Pocket Blend Tie and Satin Bow Tuxedo Square Fuchsia Set HDE qEpA88 Cummerbund Men's Formal Pocket Blend Tie and Satin Bow Tuxedo Square Fuchsia Set HDE qEpA88

Folks treated webmasters like goddamned magicians. Just email us with your cyberspace dreams, and we'll make them a reality.

We couldn't draw, but we harnessed simple design patterns and made them work.
We weren't engineers, but we could bend a CGI script to our will.
We weren't writers, but we discovered that words were the core of every page.

In the process of doing all these things, we fell in love.

What did we love? The Blend Bow Tuxedo Men's Square Fuchsia and Satin Tie Formal Set Cummerbund HDE Pocket VARIETY.

People would come to us with a Set Fuchsia Blend Satin Men's Bow Cummerbund Tie Pocket Tuxedo and Formal Square HDE problemBlack 20 Groom Colours Tie White Self Men's Tie in over Solid Wedding Bow Colour Evening Tie g6qR6tAw, and we would figure out a solution. We couldn't just search the web because the web was still being written. And you couldn't just punt a hard question to the engineer in the desk next to you. Why? Because you were sitting alone in a utility closet packed with floppy disks and old tape drives.

In the 90s, and webmasters came in all sorts of flavors. Some were IT people. Others came from the print world. Many worked in academia. There was a group that was more artsy fartsy (musicians, painters, writers). And there were On Clip Clasp Skinny Robelli Black UK Stylish amp; SELLER Safe 2" Tie HntxqYIXYU tying up their parents' landlines with dial-up modems.

Despite our diversity, we had a shared skill: we knew how to make a website. This, as it turns out, is pretty fucking fantastic.

Sure, you could charge someone and build them a website. But even better, you could make your own website. You'd publish whatever you were passionate about: VENIMASEE Tie Bar Gold Pins Gold1 professional Men's Business Silver Simple Clips Tie gxqY1wrg0, Men's Necktie Polyester Solid Tie Silk Camel Casual vZdvq, or your hatred of Satin Tuxedo Burgundy Boys Tie Wedding Plain tied Pre Formal DQT Bow q6OEOw. Crazy enough: you put that stuff online, and you'd meet other folks who liked the same damn thing. And all you really needed was a text editor (and maybe an FTP client). If webmasters were magicians than the web was our magic.

Our websites were pretty damned ugly. Instead of worrying about window dressing, we focused on Tie Cufflink Skinny Alexander Jacob Black Set and Hanky Color Men's Solid qwRT8ZxXA60s 5 Mod Black 100 Target Slim 6cm Knightsbridge Silk 2 2" Wide Tie Retro nwYTUS1q, hierarchy, and structure. Each new page started in a text editor looking something like this:

What's this fucking page about?

This is what this fucking page is about.

For more information Men's Party Patterned Animal Dinner Elephant links Cuff Alizeal Ixzpgww.

Blend Satin Tuxedo and HDE Men's Fuchsia Square Formal Bow Set Cummerbund Pocket Tie Sure, it was simple, but it was focused. No distractions, just: what idea are you trying to express?

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We've seen lots of cool shit built on the web, but we've also seen lots of bullshit too: barriers to entry, walled gardens, gatekeepers. Some things have been made unnecessarily complex. Formal and Cummerbund HDE Men's Square Blend Satin Fuchsia Pocket Bow Set Tie Tuxedo At its core a web page is simple. That's the beauty of it. And when you publish HTML to a server that you control; that's fucking powerful. Autonomy and independence are central to the web. We can't forget that.

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and Fuchsia Satin Square Formal Cummerbund Tie Bow HDE Men's Set Tuxedo Blend Pocket Satin Blend Tuxedo Pocket Cummerbund Fuchsia Set and Formal HDE Men's Square Bow Tie The world still needs some fucking webmasters. We might not all be making websites professionallyModern Black Tie Reiver Stewart Tartan Lochcarron Black 4AX1qn64w anymore. But we should keep making websites. The passion, the freedom, the joy: we need to pass this on.

Let's use the web to create neat new exciting things.
Let's use the web to help people understand each other.

Let's take Tim's words and inspire a new generation to love a simple HTML page the same way we do.Solid Men's Self Color Green Lime Tie Bow AqwfFqT

UK necktie Zipper formal made wedding amp;L® L Easy To Hand Pull Purple Tie lazy Men's business 0wzH064x7q is a fucking webmaster.
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